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celential.aI | Artificial Intelligence for recruiters

Redesign of a single product page for a start up
Objective | Design a user interface that is simple and easy to use, efficient, fun, and engaging.
Goal | To improve the design of the Talent Pool Estimator's user interface while presenting the data in a more digestible manner that gives the employer a feeling that the site is trustworthy and provides a source for the best software engineers in the field.
AI Chat-Bot Sketch

Project Overview | Finding the right talent is an expensive and time-consuming process. Hiring managers/recruiters face many difficulties in finding a qualified candidate that suits their needs and expend a lot of time and energy at the cost to the company in doing so. aims to fill this gap with their services. Currently,’s tool, the Talent Pool Estimator, is in the beginning stages of design. Research needs to be gathered to gain insights on how to make the tool more visually engaging while maintaining efficiency in finding talent. 

Timeline | 3 Weeks

Role | Research, Design, Project Management (Team of 4)

UX Methods | Research behind the decisions

  • User Research  

    • Survey

    • Interview & Results

    • Affinity Map

    • User Persona & Scenario

  • Website Analytics​

    • Competitive & Comparative Analysis

    • User Flows

  • Sketches/Wireframes/Prototype (lo-fi)

    • Color Palette 

    • User Testing of Prototype


Having Conversations | Talking with hiring managers/recruiters within the tech industry to gather insight on the processes currently used to source and filter talent.  

We started with the discovery of who is using's site and what their behaviors, needs, wants, and frustrations are. This was done by first creating a survey where we asked questions to gain general insight on what tools hiring managers/recruiters were using to source and filter candidates and how long the hiring process took. We then interviewed hiring managers/recruiters within the tech industry to gain specific insight on the types of information hiring managers/recruiters were looking for in a recruitment tool and how could their current processes be improved.  This information was then digitized onto digital notecards and sorted into categories on a digital whiteboard (Affinity Map) with the purpose being to create a User Persona and Scenario that we could use as a model to improve the Talent Tool Estimator.

Affinity Map

Affitinity Map | Digital whiteboard with insights labeled on cards

"I just want better screening tools to narrow down
the candidate pool."

Competitive Analysis | Two separate competitive analyses were done with the objective being to research and compare similar sites for content, design, and navigation. The first was done between 5 job listing/recruiting sites commonly used by recruiters & hiring managers with the analysis focused on on-site navigation.  The second was done between 5 ai recruiting sites with the analysis focused on on-site design and layout.

Comparative Analysis | A comparative analysis was done with the objective being to research and compare similar sites for design inspiration focusing on content, design, and flow, specifically noting form set up, information population, and display. 


Updating the Information Architecture | Using the data collected from the above research the navigation of the site was re-mapped from a single page data entry form to an interactive experience that could also double as a marketing tool to hook the user with the intent of signing them up as a permanent member.  2 User Flows were outlined with the purpose of establishing a user’s “happy path” or common path that they would take in navigating the Talent Pool Estimator for both a new user exploring the stand-alone site and returning user navigating the main web page.

User Flows

User Flows #1 & #2 | Whimsical

Sketches | Focusing on the "happy path" for a new user exploring the stand-alone site, quick concept drawings were done to create a base for visually mapping out how the user flow would look for a hiring manager/recruiter.

Website Sketch 1
Website Sketch 2
Website Sketch 3
Website Sketch 4
Website Sketch 5
Website Sketch 6


Design Ideation | Creation of a mood board collaging inspiration gathered from researching AI icons, Rosie from The Jetsons, chat-bots, and a retro-futurism color schematic. 

Mood Board

Mood Board w/Color Palette 

Chat-Bot | Design evolution for bringing personality and interaction to a normally mundane task. "Hello! Hola! 你好! I am I will help you modernize your hiring power."

Chat-Bot 2
Chat-Bot 3
Chat-Bot In Action

Chat-Bot in action

Design Revisions | Talent Pool Estimator

Talent Pool Estimator - Original
Home Page - Original

Talent Pool Estimator | Original

Talent Pool Estimator - Updated

Talent Pool Estimator | Updated

Prototype | Video

Homepage - Updated

(Video coming soon)

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